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How many times have you felt cheated with unqualified professionals that come from so called popular carpet cleaners? There being so many carpet cleaners in Perth it has become a rat race to offer cheap prices for carpet cleaning by compromising on the quality of the service. If you too have experienced such a service then it is time to switch to professionals – City Carpet Care. We have been in the industry for more than 20 years and our rich experience in carpet cleaning makes just the perfect choice for your delicate, vulnerable, and precious carpets. We do offer lowest prices in Perth but we always deliver meticulous carpet cleaning.

City Carpet Care is a renowned name people think of when all they need is GREAT carpet cleaning. Be it carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, carpet mould removal, carpet stain removal, or carpet water damage restoration – our dedicated team has skills to take care of your carpets in all possible ways.

Carpet_Cleaning_Perth 01
Carpet_Cleaning_Perth 01

Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Even in this age some people believe that professional carpet cleaning is a waste of money and carpets can be taken care of at home only. However, it is far beyond from the actual truth. Surveys reveal that even manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning (of all types of carpets) at least once every season. Actually, some too precious/delicate carpets must be cleaned every six months. The simple logic behind this is the scientific fact that only proper cleaning solution and advanced cleaning equipment can do the trick for your carpets.

We at City Carpet Care have proper means, skills, and knowledge to perform that thorough carpet cleaning for your carpets. Our cleaning methods target not just the dirt and soil but pollutants, contaminants, germs, bacteria, and allergens. With our cleaning you can be sure that your loved ones are safe while using that carpet. We not just make it clean but hygienic and healthy too. Dirty carpets can lead to air borne diseases and other issues like red eyes, itchiness, running nose, asthma etc.

So don’t let any of this happen to you or your loved ones. Just give a call at City Carpet Care and get a free quote for any kind of carpet cleaning service anywhere in Perth!

Carpet_Cleaning_Perth 02
Carpet_Cleaning_Perth 02

Carpet Cleaning Process at City Carpet Care

Before you invest in our carpet cleaning services, it is important to understand how we do it. At City Carpet Care we are very particular about using ONLY eco-friendly cleaning solutions, HIGHLY ADVANCED cleaning tools, and CERTIFIED cleaners. Moreover we have developed comprehensive carpet cleaning processes for dry cleaning and steam cleaning to ensure our customers get nothing less than the best. Here is how we do carpet steam cleaning:

  • Carpet steam cleaning begins with a thorough carpet inspection. We take into account the kind of carpet fabric, stains, and cleaning requirement.
  • Then we perform carpet pre -vacuuming to target solid soil particles.
  • Afterwards we do carpet stain removal with our special stain treatments.
  • Next time involves carpet washing with hot water extraction method. Here we inject hot water with much pressure in the carpets to remove even the deeply embedded contaminants.
  • After 24 hours of hot water extraction, we work on setting the carpet piles. This is crucial to retain carpet’s softness. It also enhances the looks of the carpet.
  • Then we quick dry the cleaned carpets so that you can use them again.
  • Finally we deodorize the carpets and do a final check of the carpet for complete satisfaction.

And carpet dry cleaning comprises the following:

  • We first do a thorough carpet inspection to know what needs to be done.
  • Then we perform carpet pre -vacuuming to target solid soil particles.
  • Next step is carpet washing with agitation equipments for deep cleaning of the carpets.
  • After washing we vacuum the carpets again to get rid of all residual particles.
  • Finally we perform a thorough carpet inspection to see if we can do anything else to make it cleaner and more beautiful.
Carpet_Cleaning_Perth 03
Carpet_Cleaning_Perth 03

Why Choose City Carpet Care

It is obvious to ask this question “Why Choose YOU” whenever you are searching for a good carpet cleaner in Perth. Here is OUR answer to this question:

  • We are a reliable cleaner with 2 decades of industry experience.
  • We have licensed, experienced, and certified carpet cleaners.
  • We clean all types of carpets such as wool, cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene.
  • We deliver 100% customer satisfaction every time.
  • We do guaranteed carpet cleaning every time.
  • We are equipped to do away with all stains on your carpet.
  • We use no harmful chemicals for cleaning carpets.
  • Our carpet cleaning methods are safe for kids and pets too.
  • We are locals of Perth and fully insured.

We give a magical makeover to your carpets with our unmatched carpet cleaning service. There are no hidden charges in the quote that we provide. So once you get a free quote that is all you need to pay. Cleanest carpets are just a call away. Let City Carpet Care take care of your carpets in the finest possible way. Call us today!

Location: Perth, ACT Australia